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“The Permissions for This GPO in the SYSVOL Folder Are Inconsistent with Those in Active Directory” Message When You Run GPMC

"The Permissions for This GPO in the SYSVOL Folder Are Inconsistent with Those in Active Directory" Message When You Run GPMC.

Troubleshooting File Replication Service – Windows 2003 Server R2

Today I found out – through troubles with GPOs – that 2 servers in a site are not replicating sysvol.

Used gpotool to confirm it’s a FRS issue. I recently copied some GPOs to this domain and GpoTool reported:

This article help me immensely

Troubleshooting File Replication Service.

Get domain DN


That’s all you need.  Nothing more.

Just remember that all ADSI in Net Framework is defaulted to the current domain.  There is never a need to set it  like in VBScript.  Just use the objects and they will all be defualted to the most commong and most useful values.

[adsi]” – gets the currect domain root.

[adsisearcher]” gets the searcher.


([adsiseracher]’samAccountName=john smith’).FindOne()  #search for one user by samname

CRL | Dmitrys PowerBlog: PowerShell and beyond

CRL | Dmitrys PowerBlog: PowerShell and beyond.

MX Record Lookup Function in Powershell

MX Record Lookup Function in Powershell.

Search Filter Syntax Windows

Search Filter Syntax Windows.

Microsoft Research .NetMap and PowerShell

Microsoft Research .NetMap and PowerShell.


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