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PowerShell Windows Mobile Provider

beta release of UCS PowerTool

Make the PATH environment variable more readable using Powershell

write content of PATH environment variable


(cmd /c echo %path%).split(";")

Now update it

updating it like this

$env:path += $env:path+";C:\Program Files\Git\bin" works only in process – that means after powershell.exe had been closed it would not exist anymore

.NET to the rescue
$np = $env:path + ";C:\Program Files\Git\bin"
[Environment]::SetEnvironmentVariable("PATH", $np, "Machine")

Firefox ADMX templates on SourceForge

Enterprise Toolkit for Acrobat products

Custom ADMX templates for Adobe Reader X, Skype on SourceForge

Disable Flash Player Auto Updates in corporate environment (and even configure it further)

Disable Flash Player Auto Updates.

Administrator configuration of auto-update notification

Administrators can configure auto-update notification settings by deploying a file named mms.cfg.
The mms.cfg file is intended for configuration by an IT administrator and is stored on the user’s computer. Flash Player installation does not create the file.

The mms.cfg file is a UTF-8 text file. The format of the mms.cfg file is a series of name=value pairs.
If a parameter is not set in the file, Flash Player assumes the default value.

Note: Settings in mms.cfg override the users settings and users cannot change it through Settings Manager.
Settings Manager, as viewed by the user, doesn’t reflect configuration settings set by mms.cfg.

If you are deploying Flash Player 8 or later, store the mms.cfg file in the following location depending on the operating system:

    * Windows XP, Vista –C:\WINDOWS\System32\Macromed\Flash
    * Windows 64-bit — C:\Windows\SysWOW64

For player versions earlier than Flash Player 8, store the mms.cfg file in the following location depending on the operating system:

    * Windows XP, Vista– C:\WINDOWS\System32
    * Windows 64-bit — C:\Windows\SysWOW64

Note: Flash Player 8 and later versions can read mms.cfg from either the new or old location.
If mms.cfg exists in both locations, Flash Player 8 reads settings from the new location.


Flash Player Help / IT Administration | Configure auto-update notification
Flash Player Admin Guide



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