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Epos – A Free Text to Speech Synthesis System

Epos – A Free Text to Speech Synthesis System.

Epos is a language independent rule-driven Text-to-Speech (TTS) system primarily designed to serve as a research tool. Epos is (or tries to be) independent of the language processed, linguistic description method, and computing environment.

Informace o TTS systému Epos v českém jazyce.

About Epos

Stable version 2.4.85 and development version 2.5.37 is now available for research, educational and individual use for free. It has the following features

  • Czech and Slovak text to speech synthesis configuration
  • LPC and time domain speech synthesizers
  • Prosody modelling driven by rules, prosody models and artificial neural networks
  • All languange dependencies are defined in the configuration files, as opposed to the source code
  • Documentation in English included in the distribution

Text to speech in Powershell using com object

function Out-Voice {
param([Parameter(Mandatory=$true)]$Text, [switch]$Drunk)
$object = New-Object -ComObject SAPI.SpVoice
if ($drunk) { $object.Rate = -10 }
$object.Speak($text) | Out-Null}
Out-Voice -Text "hello, Unipex is great"
Out-Voice -Text "hello, Unipex is great" -Drunk
if you are not familiar with functions just do
$object = New-Object -ComObject SAPI.SpVoice
$object.Speak("hello, Unipex is superb") | Out-Null
to get all avalable/installed voices
 $object = New-Object -ComObject SAPI.SpVoice
 $object.GetVoices() | foreach {$_.getdescription()}

Microsoft Anna – English (United States)

to set a voice
$object.voice = $voicetouse.item(0)




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